Overnight, the United States has reported another  69,156 new cases, according to Johns Hopkins University, pushing the country over the eight million mark.

In total, 8,048,865 infections have been reported across the country, including at least 218,575 deaths (see chart). Experts say these figures are likely to be underestimates, particularly the case count, due to patchy access to testing. 

But CNN has reported that an influential modeller believes the worst is still yet to come – a sharp contrast to Donald Trump, who insisted at a rally in Florida on Friday that the pandemic is « rounding the turn. »

“No, it’s not over,” said Dr Chris Murray, director of the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington. “The worst is still to come unfortunately.”

“We expect the death toll, unfortunately, unless we change our behavior, is going to reach 390,000 deaths by February 1,” Dr Murray added, citing IHME’s recent predictions.


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