I know it’s been a long minute since i’ve uploaded something.. This style of video is something new for me & very true to my soul and heart I hope you will all enjoy the first chapter of my series “Jay In The Simulation”..  

This is a short biography of my life & how I started off to get to the state I’m in now.. Everyone’s human experience in this life is different & i’m trying the best to document mine as real & raw as I can. I see so much media now days is  just doing the same thing over and over. Things over filtered over protected and uncultured. I’m at the point where I just want to do things that speak to me mentally and are real to me. I don’t care about turning a profit unless it’s dope or can better me in a long term way. Not everyone will love my content with an open mind but it will bring more people around me that understand me and can connect with me on that mental level.

More than anything thank you all for the love & support you literally made this boys dreams come true & gave me a life I never could have had without YOU!

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