ALMOST 90 percent of people would take a coronavirus vaccine following the pandemic.

We asked readers if they would take the vaccine should trials be successful and distributed across the UK, and almost 90 per cent said yes.

Around 404 people took part in our survey that asked: « Would you take a coronavirus vaccine if trials were successful? » and 353 people said yes.

We asked our readers what they thought on the news that the UK had signed deals for 90 million doses of promising Covid-19 vaccines with more in the pipeline.

Amy Victoria Jones said: « The vaccine is to protect the vulnerable, people should be excited they are moving forward. »

Bethan Lancaster said: « Fantastic news. »

Rita Halliday added: « I will have the vaccine as soon as it’s available, the same as I have the flu vaccine yearly. »

Steve Bellis told the Leader: « It will be the scientists who save us and hopefully find a vaccine. Many studies are taking place across the world and I have the utmost respect for all their hard work. I am not qualified to make a judgement but I’m definitely being hopeful and positive. »

However, some people expressed concerns that it was ‘too early’ and the Government was giving a ‘false hope’.

Sam E Lou said: « I’m all for vaccines but it’s too soon to know how safe it is. The drug Thalidomide that was given to pregnant women in the 1960’s causing severe birth defects comes to mind as an example of why clinical trials for prolonged periods are necessary. »

Paul White added he did not ‘trust the vaccine’.

The Leader previously reported that the coronaviurs vaccine would be for the whole of the UK, following concerns that Wales would be ‘left until last’.

A Welsh Government spokesman confirmed that any access to vaccines would be for the whole of the UK with prioritisation in place.

They added: “We are working in partnership with the UK vaccine taskforce, and any access to vaccines will be for the whole of the UK. Frontline health workers, social care workers and those at increased health risk will be prioritised for vaccination.

“Wales is also a part of the new UK wide online registry to enable people to sign up to be contacted for COVID-19 vaccine studies.”

Anyone wishing to sign up can do so online at https://www.healthandcareresearch.gov.wales/news/new-nhs-service-for-covid-19-vaccine-studies/


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