Horrific moment a toddler, three, is run over by a TRUCK while crossing the road with his mother – but the boy miraculously survives the accident.

This is the moment a toddler miraculously survived being ploughed over by a huge truck running a red light at a crossing in China.
CCTV footage shows the boy, three, being pushed on a tricycle by his grandmother over the freeway in Huzhou City in China’s east when the truck ran over and dragged him down the road.
The reckless driver was trying to weave his way through traffic and failed to see the boy or his grandmother, who were concealed by another truck.

The driver is seen skidding to an abrupt halt and jumping outside to help the boy’s grandmother to pull the child from harm’s way.
The driver ducks down on all fours and clambers around the front of the truck, scrambling to the youngsters’ rescue.

The boy’s panic-stricken mother is seen arriving to the scene shortly afterwards, unleashing a flurry of slaps to the driver’s face.
Astonishingly, the boy escaped the incident with only minor injuries. It is unclear if the truck driver was fined.

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